Шпак-Левенберг Галина, Galina Shpak-Levenberg

Today, I am a successful international personality, a happy mother an a lucky woman.
«- Do what you love
– Think differently about your idea
– Look for new experiences
– Sell dreams, not projects
– Say “no” to 1000 things
– Think differently about your history»
I don’t get tired to admire simple principles of genius of our generation Steve Jobs. To a pain familiar for everyone topics. However, how to achieve real results and success without random belonging to “a political clan” or without “guaranteed inheritance”? To know about it is not enough, just as to believe that if it got Steve, this does not mean that it will get everyone else …. But “Do not let the” fools ” to break you ..” I repeat this phrase every morning, going to work and defining the objective for the present day … month, year.

Galina Shpak-Levenberg