Шпак-Левенберг Галина, Galina Shpak-Levenberg

It was the WBFF federation that inspired me to become a professional athlete!
WBFF – The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion is a unique organization with the following fields of interest: Beauty • Fitness • Fashion • Health • Sports competitions • Healthy lifestyle. The WBFF slogan is simple and, at the same time, controversial: “We are the world of the most beautiful people”.

2015 Las Vegas

2016 Toronto

2016 London

2017 London

This is a “show for all”. Health and beauty is fashionable and accessible to everyone.

Competitors do not just step on stage, they have to make a show of their appearance. Organization of the event implies the manifestation of uniqueness and individuality. In addition to going out in swimsuits, there is a round of evening dresses, where men wear suits, and ladies – in exquisite evening dresses. The show includes not only standard posing but also maximum feminine performance. Many bikinists lack the ability to behave on stage. It is worth mentioning that a very substantial prize fund is provided for the winners. Everyone can take part in the competitions: from beginners to professionals. In the WBFF they say: “We are unique.” In order to obtain a Pro Card, a participant must win his category and possess the characteristics necessary to be recognized as worthy of this status.