For women after 40, who are not afraid of changes!

For women after 40, who are not afraid of changes!

This time I want to share my story of transformation – from BUSINESS TO FITNESS

I’m 43 years old, I’m not a blogger, I’m not a writer or a show business star, I’m not even a millionaire – I’m a simple person with a specific sense of humor from the village – Borodyanka hero (which in Ukraine) where the local airfield and local bazaar on Lenin street , where they sell frozen fish, chicken and the gifts of vegetable gardens of local grandmothers.

I got a Soviet education, went to study in Europe and stayed there to work and live. Then 20 years of life is a job – 24/7. This work has turned me into a successful and stable business lady, but outwardly I stood steadily on my feet and in some cars I was placed with difficulty

Over the past 2 years, I turned into something – what you see in the picture 85 kg !.
I learned how to fly an aircraft without owning it. Having my hotel on the legendary racing circuit at the Nürburgring, I live in a rented apartment.
Two dear to me people live in different parts of the world and I have to fly between Europe and South Africa just to spend a weekend with them.
I began to work and earn less. But I realized what it means to be happy from a piece of a cake from a Kiev confectionery or from a simple conversation with family or friends – live – without facebook. I became engaged in fitness more. I began to eat less. I began to manage much more.

My Shpakov family – genetic instinct of struggle and leadership is probably buried deep in my blood and I decided to compare myself with the best athletes in the world. I started with the championships of Kiev and Ukraine, I entered the finals and went to the world. I participated in more than 15 performances in 3 years. In two different federations. In the end result, I entered the TOP 3 in Germany and the top 10 in the world. In the world more than 1000 athletes – cheers! But not for me. I can not afford to stay at 1%!

Having gained experience in this sports and fitness industry, I learned that sport is also a business, starting with food and all sorts of chemicals. additives and ending with secrets from personal trainers who manage to earn more.
I took my decision to participate in the annual World Championships and the WBFF show – the world’s leading and only federation, which unites the world of fitness and fashion, a show that will be held in August 2017, this time in the romantic city of London.

As champions are not born, but become. And champions are becoming and are being chosen according to the accepted parameters and rules with clear indicators and criteria. One of the criteria for such a person, in WBFF is publicity and external image. The image and proportions were presented to me by my parents, and I will be eternally grateful to my mother for choosing the right dad for me, but with publicity, it’s difficult for me. That’s why I decided to use all super modern millennia-individuals as social. net.

I want to offer you absolutely free to get acquainted with my training program (which is conducted by 6 experts 2 trainers, nutritionist, doctor, stylist, make-up artist, and many more good decent people who will be all 25 weeks from now until coming on stage will help me in achieving my goals) Just look at my page from time to time to dilute your day or get distracted from the daily hustle and bustle.
You only need to subscribe and you will see how they become champions – ordinary Ukrainian women.

I’m not going to impose my programs and consultations. It is necessary to look at the advice of athletes who have the status of Pro. I will upload photos and videos of all my nutrition and training programs. Probably I will become the first enemy of fitness trainers if I lay out the obvious “secrets” that somebody else buys. Well, since I paid for it, then why should you pay? Use me, and I will receive from you moral support and motivation in order to squeeze out all possible and impossible.

For 3 years I’m already performing with WBFF – many are familiar with my story of the transformation of the body.

I’m real and without botox until

;))) But as soon as the Break comes in season – we (athletes) again turn into ordinary people.
This time I want to share my story of transformation – from BUSINESS TO FITNESS
This time I’ll be on the wings and heels

I created my dream and follow it! and you? join