This is not so exotic – a woman at the helm –
but it’s more than a fitness model in a bikini and on stage!

I received heaven as a gift from God!
On board the aircraft, I spent as a passenger more than some crew members. I had to fly several times a week to work for many years.
For the first time in a sports plane, my friend Sven Kalsbach besieged me, he is also a pilot and prize-winner of many sports championships.
“It was the most incredible flight, I never experienced such sensations in my life: the stunning steepness, the sky and the earth revolve around the plane with frenzied speed …”
Limit operational overload ± 10g! The maximum angular speed of rotation exceeds 400 degrees per second! Not everyone (even a sportsman) can stand it. However, flying on this plane you just enjoy the incredible possibilities of the aircraft and the beauty of the acrobatic flight … Extra-330LC – mega-extreme – one of the best aerobatics in the world!


I immediately decided to call the school and learn about the terms of the training. “Hello, you can get the education of a private” pilot “and what are your requirements?”. In response: “Well, one must have sufficient knowledge of physics and mathematics in order to understand all the processes that occur during the flight of an airplane.” “This is clear, but what conditions? What can you offer?”. They say to me: “Let him ring himself.” I ask: “Who is it?”. “Well, for whom are you calling there – let him ring.” I answer that for myself I’m calling. Me: “And we have no girls.” “Well, I’m not asking if you have girls. I’m calling to go to school. ” To me: “We do not have female pilots and will not.” That is sometimes already on the phone is such an attitude.
Therefore, I had to apply to a private school in Germany (and later it became my own)




Lastly, a joke about my instructor Phillip ?
“Dad, why are all the pilots either bald or gray?”
– Bald, son, these are the ones that fly everywhere, in any weather, can fly anywhere in complete darkness, they can sit on the “patch” in a tropical storm …
– And gray?
– And the gray ones are those who fly in the same crew with bald …