My dream to be young business lady, supported my first ex-husband. I am immeasurably still grateful him for such a chance we both had. Having left my 10 years of experiences in Poland, we (with my 7 years old daughter) went to Germany to start my new life and new business.
Certification Network Network MS GmbH was created by me in the continuation of the development of my first business project – Makrochem Sp z OO in Lublin. I wanted to realize myself in management consulting. The will of fate I had to make a choice in the current dilemma. All of it: FAMILY – COMFORT – BUSINESS INDEPENDENCE – RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS had for me different priorities.
I’m aware that from time to time priorities have to change, but the values are remain. Soon my business became for me my husband, friend and the main source of income, my motivation.
I think Certification Network Network MS GmbH is one of the most successful project in my life … Thanks to my partners who were and still are with me.